sami zayn

Sometimes it takes years to make it to one of the top spots on the WWE roster and nobody knows that better than Sami Zayn. In recent years it seems that Zayn has taken his career to a whole new level and he’s worked with some of the best names in the business throughout his career.

Sami previously worked with Bo Dallas when they were both in NXT, and during a recent interview with YoJoshMartinez, Sami Zayn talked a little bit about why he thinks Bo Dallas is underrated.

“I’ve been giving this answer for years and it’s kind of hard to say now because he’s not really been on television, but I do believe he’s still kind of under contract. I’ve always thought Bo Dallas was really, really, really, really good and never really got his chance to really spread his wings and fly.”

Bo Dallas had returned to WWE as the Uncle Howdy character in 2022, but unfortunately it seems that plans for Uncle Howdy were scrapped due to Bray Wyatt’s unfortunate passing. There’s currently no word on whether or not WWE has plans to use Bo Dallas in the future.

H/T Wrestling Inc.