The wrestling world has been talking about the backstage altercation involving CM Punk and Jack Perry that took place at AEW All In for months now. Following the altercation CM Punk was fired, and this week on AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks aired footage of the altercation between Punk and Perry.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the footage and Ryback recently shared his take when he posted the following on social media:

“The level of incompetence on the @CMPunk @AEW footage is unreal. This guy was in a position of power to some degree, as well as being a talent. He proceeded to approach Jack Perry and dialogue ensued. He waited for Perry to fix his hair and then did some sort of weird kangaroo-like attack/lunge before people closed in and he grabbed Perry briefly. Jack was 100 percent unphased and Fragile Phil proceeded to throw a hissy fit.

Now just imagine if an agent behaved in this manner at a talent, they would be fired immediately and despite Phil being 55 years old, he has the maturity level of a middle school dropout. If that fight had gone on he no doubt would have gotten floored and left unconscious prior to his match with Joe. Anyone screaming that Fragile Phil told the truth fails to understand the finer details of his actions and inability to control his hissy fit temper tantrums. #TheRybackShow”

People in WWE are reportedly talking about AEW’s decision to air the footage as well and you can get more details on that here.