Next month WWE 2K19 is set to be released, and over the last few weeks quite a few names have been confirmed for the WWE 2K19 roster.

Lana will be a playable character in the game this year, but apparently she’s not all that thrilled about the way her character model looks.

The WWE 2K19 Twitter account recently posted a tweet saying that Lana will be a playable character for the first time, and the account also shared a screenshot of what the Ravishing Russian will look like in the game.

The screenshot can be seen below:

Lana reacted by asking who the character model is, and noted that she was confused because she doesn’t have short hair and she’s never worn that ring attire.

A fan then decided to have a little fun with the image by creating a parody poster.

It was also recently revealed that Rusev’s character has a rating of 84 in the game, and he told fans not to worry, because it’s all political.

Lana then commented on the rating by pointing out that Rusev’s character model actually looks like him.