WWE is a company that is constantly trying to evolve, and in a few weeks the women of WWE will take center stage when they compete at Evolution.

Evolution will be WWE’s first ever all women’s pay-per-view, and it’s rumored that WWE could have something extra special in store for the event.

For months now there’s been talk of WWE introducing Women’s Tag Team Championship belts, and Joe Peisich of Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast is claiming that Stephanie McMahon will be part of the debut at Evolution (via Ringside News).

“Stephanie McMahon will be appearing at the Evolution pay-per-view. I have heard that Stephanie will have a major segment on the pay-per-view. Stephanie will be a part of history in the making she’ll debut Tag Team Titles. Again, this could change but from what I hear Stephanie will be a big part of debuting the Tag Team Ladies Title at Evolution.”

If WWE does indeed introduce the belts at Evolution, who should be the first team to win the belts? Sound off in the comments below.