WWE suspended Paige last month, and ever since her suspension was announced, various rumors about her status with the company have been making the rounds online.

It was recently reported that WWE threatened to fire Paige due to her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, and that Paige has hired legal representation, and it’s been speculated that she may not return.

Alberto Del Rio has reportedly parted ways with the company, and he will be holding a press conference to address his status with WWE. Now it looks like Paige may be done with WWE as well.

MMA source Front Row Brian, who has broken wrestling stories in the past, is claiming on Twitter that Paige has quit WWE.

This is of course just an unconfirmed rumor at this point and should be treated as such.

Alberto Del Rio will be holding a press conference later today and it’s expected that he will talk about his WWE departure. Stay tuned for updates on Paige’s status.

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