john cena

John Cena and Nikki Bella were together for six years, and at WrestleMania 33 he got down on one knee and proposed to Nikki on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

But Cena and Nikki Bella never made it to the altar, as they recently confirmed that they’ve broken up. Fans will see their break up play out on the new season of Total Bellas, but in the meantime it’s been rumored that John Cena has been hooking up with a Total Divas cast member.

The rumor first appeared on a “Hollywood blind item site” which spreads rumors about celebrities when the following was posted: “This entertainer/actor has already moved on and is hooking up with one of the stars of this reality show which involves the entertainment part of the actor’s career.”

The rumor created speculation that Cena could be hooking up with Carmella.

However, is reporting that this rumor is “100% BS” and that a confidential WWE source refuted the claims, and also noted there’s a chance Nikki and John will get back together.

Furthermore, People is reporting that Cena and Nikki have been in contact since their break up, and a source is claiming that “they will almost definitely get back together.”

“They’re definitely on a path to reconciliation,” the insider adds. “John is the love of her life, and she’s definitely the love of his life, and that doesn’t just vanish overnight. At the end of the day, they still want to be together.”

At this point it seems that this John Cena/Nikki Bella break up has more plot twists than a WCW 2000 storyline.