roman reigns

Roman Reigns is still on his way toward the Universal Championship as he portrays a babyface who keeps getting screwed over by the powers that be.

Now WWE is throwing a hail mary so to speak because they’re putting Reigns in a feud against Jinder Mahal on Raw. Jinder got involved in the Money In The Bank qualifying match and cost Reigns a spot in the big match so now the Big Dog vs The Modern Day Maharaja looks to be coming up next.

But it turns out there’s a much bigger problem for Reigns vs Jinder Mahal because WWE might have painted themselves into a corner so to speak.

“It’s tough because the one thing about Jinder is he’s tough to work with,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “You know Randy Orton had crappy matches with him. It’s not like Randy Orton has great matches with everybody — I mean he’s talented as hell but he just doesn’t. But Randy Orton doesn’t have ‘crappy’ matches with a lot of people. Unless he’s put in a position like with the Bray Wyatt thing and that wasn’t matches that was just bad scenarios.”

“But [Orton] had some matches with Jinder that weren’t good at all and he’s better than Roman even though Roman works harder than he does. But I don’t know, we’ll wait and see. We got six weeks to set up the next pay-per-view and it might just to be a set up so Roman Reigns kills him and if that’s the case then that’s. It’s just a way to eliminate him by a heel screwing him which is always good for a babyface.”

It looks like Roman Reigns is still the guy in WWE regardless of fan preference. Putting Reigns against a guy like Jinder Mahal will provide a much better chance to get him actually cheered. But it might not be as easy as simply booking Reigns against The Modern Day Maharaja and hitting autopilot.

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