roman reigns

The death of George Floyd has been a very hot topic as of late, and protests have broken out all over the United States.

Various figures from the professional wrestling community have been taking to social media share their thoughts on the issue, and Roman Reigns recently weighed in on the issue.

Roman Reigns recently took to Twitter to condemn racism, and he also called for justice for George Floyd when he posted the following:

“Racism is wrong. There is no grey area here. IT IS WRONG. Teach your kids this everyday, so we can rid ourselves and our future of this life ending disease. #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #BlacklivesMaters”

It’s been a little while since fans have seen Roman Reigns on WWE programming, as he hasn’t been participating in TV tapings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reigns revealed that his wife gave birth to twin boys, so he’s currently putting the safety of his family first.

There’s currently no word on when he might return.