For weeks now fans have been waiting to see LA Knight challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and they finally clashed at Crown Jewel. As Byron Saxton was doing the ring introductions the referee had to stand in between Knight and Roman Reigns as they were aggressively talking trash to one another. As soon as the bell rang LA Knight went on the offensive and took the fight to The Tribal Chief.

After a few minutes they took the action to the outside and Roman Reigns threw LA Knight into the steel ring steps. The dynamic of the match drastically changed after that as Roman Reigns dominated Knight for a while. The crowd chanted for LA Knight throughout the match as Roman Reigns mocked them.

Reigns hit the Rock Bottom then tried for the Superman Punch, but Knight countered with a neckbreaker. Knight went for the mic check elbow then Reigns hopped up and landed the Superman Punch for a two count.

The Tribal Chief went for a spear in the corner but hit the turnbuckle as Knight got out of the way. LA Knight finally hit the mic check elbow drop for a two count.

Solo Sikoa tried to make his way down the ramp only for WWE officials to stop him. While LA Knight was distracted Jimmy Uso pulled Reigns out of the ring. Knight approached Jimmy then Reigns hit Knight with the Superman Punch. The Tribal Chief got back in the ring and hit a spear, but LA Knight kicked out to a huge reaction from the fans.

Roman Reigns started to get frustrated as LA Knight tried to get back up. The Tribal Chief put LA Knight in the guillotine and Roman was shocked as Knight managed to break the hold. Knight hit Reigns with the BFT and it looked like he had it won, but Jimmy Uso put Roman’s foot on the rope to break the count.

LA Knight got out of the ring and attacked Jimmy Uso by slamming him repeatedly into the announce table. Reigns tried to save Jimmy only for Knight to slam Reigns into the announce table several times. Jimmy Uso went for a superkick which was blocked by Knight. LA Knight then put Jimmy through the announce table.

When LA Knight turned around Roman Reigns speared him through the barricade. Reigns then hit another spear on Knight inside the ring to retain his championship.