roman reigns

Roman Reigns has been feuding on and off with Braun Strowman for most of the year. Their match at Payback almost served as a massive setup to their rubber match at Extreme Rules, which would have likely been a Ambulance Match. However, all of those plans are kaput now.

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Braun Strowman’s injury has forced WWE officials to reorganize most of their creative plans because Reigns is left without a rivalry for as long as Strowman is on the shelf. However, it’s now coming to light that the powers that be have found the next rivalry for Roman Reigns.

It’s being reported by CageSideSeats that WWE officials are planning for Reigns to move into a short-term rivalry with Bray Wyatt until Strowman returns from injury. A lot of people won’t like that because Raw has been building to a huge feud between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt.

However, it’s also coming to light that Finn Balor will likely be Strowman’s replacement for a WWE Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar at Great Ball of Fire. These plans are not written in stone and could change, but Reigns vs. Wyatt seems to be the plan right now.


  1. NOT AGAIN! I mean, I love Bray Wyatt, but dammit… we had to watch them feud for the better part of the most boring year of wrestling ever. Okay, so, there have probably been more boring years, and Seth Rollins’ title reign was kind of entertaining (if not frustrating with how often they made him lose when the title wasn’t on the line), but that feud got sooooo old and we had to endure some of the worst promos ever during that time. All this will do is bring up memories of that awful ‘anyone but you’ promo. Seriously, it was so boring.