roman reigns

Last week on WWE SmackDown Live Roman Reigns was walking backstage when some steel beams dropped down on him. WWE later announced that the accident was caused by a forklift operator error, but the identity of the forklift operator has not been revealed.

WWE Superstars have been denying their involvement, and Samoa Joe was asked if he was the attacker at the airport. Samoa Joe was then fined for aggressively slapping a phone out of a WWE producer’s hand.

Joe made his way to the ring this week on Raw and he demanded an apology from Roman Reigns, but Roman wasn’t at the arena yet. Samoa Joe walked to the parking lot and Roman happened to be pulling up.

Roman was getting out of his car and Joe told Roman he had been looking for him all night. Roman then said “oh s**t” and hopped back in the car then closed the door as a car with tinted out windows rammed into his vehicle.

The show went to commercial but when it came back WWE showed a clip of the car driving away.

Samoa Joe then checked on Roman and started screaming for a medic. Triple H also checked on Roman, and Roman kept trying to get out of the car but he looked like he was having trouble standing.