roman reigns

Roman Reigns challenged Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship twice this year at WrestleMania 34 and the Greatest Royal Rumble, but The Big Dog failed to win the title both times.

Sunday night at SummerSlam, Roman got a shot at redemption when he challenged Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship once again.

After both men made their way to the ring, Braun Strowman’s music hit, and the Monster Among Men grabbed a microphone.

Strowman said he refuses to be a coward and cash in when his opponent’s back is turned. He said he’s the Monster Among Men, and he does things face to face.

He wished both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar good luck, then told them he’s going to be standing outside the ring, and at the end of the night, one of them is going to get these hands.

The bell rang, Roman Reigns hit Brock Lesnar with the Superman Punch 3 times, then he hit him with the spear 3 times in a row.

When Roman went in for the third spear, Brock Lesnar locked in a guillotine but Roman powered out.

Brock took Roman to Suplex City as the fans chanted “you both suck.”

Lesnar went for the F5, but Roman got out and went for a spear. Lesnar countered by throwing him outside the ring into Strowman, then Lesnar hit Strowman with the F5 outside the ring.

Strowman grabbed Brock’s ankle as he tried to get inside the ring, but Brock beat Strowman down with the Money in the Bank briefcase, then Brock threw the briefcase up the entrance ramp and he hit Strowman with a steel chair.

Brock brought the chair in the ring, but as he went to hit Roman with it, Roman speared him and got the 3 count to win the Universal Championship.