Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have been feuding off and on for years now, and on Sunday night they faced off in their third WrestleMania match with both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship on the line.

After both men made their entrance Paul Heyman did his introduction for Roman Reigns while Brock Lesnar stared them down. Lesnar then grabbed the mic and did his own ring introduction before the match kicked off. Brock followed up by taking his gloves off after the bell rang.

The Beast dominated early on by hitting Roman with multiple suplexes, but the momentum shifted after Roman speared Brock through the barricade outside the ring while he was distracted by Paul Heyman. Roman capitalized with a Superman Punch, but it wasn’t enough as Brock caught a second wind and hit Roman with five more suplexes.

The Tribal Chief managed to connect with another Superman Punch then he went for the spear, but Lesnar caught him with F5. Roman kicked out and Brock went for another F5, but Roman got out of it and speared Brock into the referee in the corner. Reigns took advantage and hit Brock with a low blow while the ref was down and Paul Heyman handed Roman Reigns the Universal Title. He managed to hit Brock with the belt, but The Beast kicked out much to the surprise of Roman.

Roman Reigns speared Lesnar twice, but Lesnar reversed the second spear and put Roman in the Kimura lock. Roman got to the ropes, but Brock continued to apply pressure as the ref counted to five. Roman told Paul Heyman his shoulder was out, and Brock went for another F5, but Roman caught him with the spear for the win.