In the video above, Bill Apter of talks with Rob Van Dam about finishing up with WWE, what he’s doing next and more. RVD said his most recent run was a good one. He noted he had a start date and an end date and knew when the run would be finished. RVD was also asked about Paul Heyman and where he is now. RVD replied:

“Paul reached a level he deserves in this business. It’s nice to see the respect given back and to see Paul where he’s at right now. He’s no longer in a place where people are trying to bury him and trying to put him out of business. Now they look at him with appreciation like he is of wrestling royalty because he is. I see him pulling some of the younger guys aside backstage, giving his advice to them. It makes me feel happy inside to know he’s passing that along. There aren’t too many guys that are at his level that has to offer what he has to offer. That’s Paul… very special, one of a kind.”