alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and she’s one of the top stars on the blue brand. Despite the fact that Alexa is featured as one of the top stars, it was recently reported by Sportskeeda that WWE officials are unhappy with her in-ring work.

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Brian “Road Dogg” James is one of the top officials on the SmackDown brand and he was recently asked about the reports by a fan on Twitter and he shot down rumors claiming that people backstage have issues with her in-ring work.

According to Road Dogg, Alexa Bliss is “adored” by everyone backstage.

Alexa Bliss is set to put the SmackDown Women’s Title on the line at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, and Daniel Bryan recently announced that she will be defending the belt against “every available woman on the SmackDown roster.” Bryan has yet to confirm what type of match the title will be defended in, but it sounds like Alexa Bliss will have her hands full at WrestleMania.

Pete Rosenberg has been making plenty of appearances on the WWE programming as of late between pre-shows and the WWE Network series Bring It To The Table. It appears that WWE has teamed up with PUMA and Foot Locker to create a line of sneakers as Pete Rosenberg recently posted the following teaser: