The professional wrestling world took a big hit recently when Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i passed away. The former WWE Tag Team Champion died of congestive heart failure and it was a shocking loss. He was only 47-years-old and everyone was deeply saddened by the loss.

Rosey was a beloved member of the pro wrestling community and a member of one of the most influential families in wrestling history. Rikishi has uploaded a few photos from the Matt Anoa’i funeral featuring family members who arrived in order to pay respects to the memory of their lost loved one.

It’s a very sad situation and our hearts go out to the entire Anoa’i Family during this time of great loss. Some of the pictures might not seem like they’re gathering to pay respects to a lost loved one. In fact, a couple of the pictures seem quite jovial. But we must remember that Rosey was a man who loved life. He loved his family and enjoyed every moment he had during his life. His life should be celebrated.

The pictures Rikishi has shared illustrate that the legacy of the Samoan Dynasty will live on in spite of this loss. If anything, it will bind them even closer together. We will always remember the great times Rosey was able to give fans. From a member of Three Minute Warning to the Super Hero In Training under the tutelage of The Hurricane. He was game for anything and always made sure he presented himself in the best way possible. Rosey gave the fans a great show whenever he went out there and loved every second of it.

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The Anoa’i Family has given pro wrestling fans tons of memories for decades. This will surely carry on to the next generation and beyond. There’s no doubt that members of this Samoan Dynasty will continue to give everything they have for fans if they choose to carry on in the family business.

Rest in peace Rosey, we will never forget you.