Ricochet had an incredible 2016. He was in a match against Will Ospreay that was loved by almost everyone (not named Vader) at the Battle of the Super Juniors in New Japan. He’s been featured heavily on Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, and he’s traveled the world doing what he loves in the process. Ricochet, shoot name Trevor Mann, recently spoke to SoloWrestling.com after appearing for a promotion in Madrid, Spain, and he revealed some interesting information about his current status.

Ricochet defeated A-Kid at the White Wolf Wrestling (Triple W) event and you can see the highlights of that match here. The house was packed and even though the video has been obviously produced, it was an action-packed encounter that ended in a respectful handshake. It’s actually a pretty good video, if you’ve got time, and if you haven’t already caught up on the newest Still Real Radio.

After the match, Mr. Mann spoke to SoloWrestling and revealed that his Lucha Underground contract has expired. However, he noted that he does have a no-compete clause that will be in effect until Lucha Underground season 3 ends.

He said that he was never contacted for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament, which is a real puzzler because there were reports that they attempted to get Ricochet’s partner in that famous BOTSJ tournament match.

Ricochet also commented on the current status of 205 Live, as he said that if they would stop doing those “cheesy backstage promos” then they’d be doing better.

He does have a point. 205 Live would probably bring a lot more attention if they tried to put on encounters like Galligher vs Daivari every week. Although, debuting Akira Tozawa might be a great addition to the recipe of putting on more great matches the show is still full of unnecessary backstage segments with the likes of Noam Dar who could much better utilize those minutes in the ring instead of saying “Alicia Foooox.”

Ricochet said in the interview that WWE has contacted him in the past, so who knows if Triple H will give him a call. There was no indication that any talks were currently going on, he just said that they had contacted him in the past. Until they call (if they ever do) Ricochet is probably content doing what he does all over the world and being awesome while doing it.