Rich Swann and WWE recently parted ways and it was a very unfortunate incident indeed. But the charges against Swann stemming from the domestic battery and false imprisonment charges were dismissed so he is legally in the clear. But since his release from WWE, he is also clear to take indie bookings.

Since WWE simply severed ties with Swann he wasn’t subject to any pesky 90-day no-compete clause so he can take bookings ASAP including working for Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore. He has a few more bookings in the upcoming months but apparently, he’s grown frustrated with the stigma of his name due to the situation surrounding his WWE release.

Richard Swann recently tweeted out a statement regarding how someone who robbed a bank is getting booked over him. Swann made certain to say he was accused while the other person actually robbed a bank.

As it turns out, he could have very well been talking about a real person because Nick Gage pled guilty in 2010 to second-degree bank robbery and since his release from prison Gage has been working pretty consistently. He is even booked for a show during WrestleMania weekend at Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport event.

Needless to say, Wrestling Twitter alerted Gage of this comment pretty quickly and he had something to say about it. If they’re working toward a match, then this is brilliant online booking. But if it’s a shoot there could be some major animosity in this situation.

Rich Swann went on to make things a little bit more clear. Whether he is planning something or not remains to be seen, after all, he does have a few bookings coming up and he was spotted backstage at Lucha Underground. But after those indie dates are out of the way, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion said that he plans on retiring.

Swann went on to further thank people for “taking a chance” on his name which certainly speaks volumes to his current situation. Although the charges against him were dismissed and he was never actually charged let alone convicted, there seems to still be a stigma on his name for simply being accused. He also apparently has Nick Gage to deal with now.