There’s no denying that the 2016 Presidential Election has divided the country. People are passionate about the issues, but picking a candidate to back has been no easy task.

Americans are now being forced to choose between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and the old “South Park” analogy of having to pick between a “Giant Douche” or a “Turd Sandwich” has never been more relevant. The good news is that a third option has been presented in this dire hour, a new candidate who wants to #MakeAmericaWOOOOOagain.

Earlier this year rapper Waka Flocka Flame declared his intentions to run for President, but he realized that he’s too young to run for the coveted position, so he decided to endorse a different candidate. Instead of running for President himself, Waka has decided to step down, and back the sixteen time World Champion, Ric Flair.

Together they’ve formed the Flair/Flocka 2016 ticket, and they look like they’re ready to go all the way to the White House. You can check out the announcement video below.

Of course no Presidential campaign would be complete without campaign merchandise. The Flair/Flame team has already launched and the website is selling everything from t-shirts, to phone cases, mugs and more.

Just remember folks, when it comes time to hit the polls on election day, do the right thing and write in Flair/Flame.



    • If anyone can fix this country, It’s the 16x World Heavyweight Champion The Kiss Stealing, Wheeling Dealing ,Jet Flying limousine riding son of a gun “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair !

      • The Kiss Stealing, Wheeling Dealing ,Jet Flying limousine riding son of a gun “Dr. of thuganomics” John Cena?

        • No that is the young talent burying, fruity pebble dressing, no sell your finish, Total Diva Superstar John Cena