WWE releases are a very hot topic in the world of professional wrestling right now as the company cut a number of wrestlers earlier this week including Dolph Ziggler. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion had been with the company for almost two decades and after his non-compete clause expires he will become a free agent.

Over the last few days it’s become clear that Dolph Ziggler had some big supporters in the professional wrestling industry as names like The Rock, John Cena, Big E and The Miz have all taken to social media to praise him. Ric Flair is the latest name ti weight in on Ziggler’s release as he recently posted the following:

“Shame On Me For Being So Busy That I Haven’t Kept Up With All Of The Releases At @WWE. I Just Hope That Each And Every One Of You Know That At The End Of The Day We All Love Wrestling, But It’s A Business First And Foremost. I Still After Retiring In 2008, Remember The Day That I Had To Walk Away As Being One Of The Most Difficult Days Of My Life. And As For My Dear Friend, @HEELZiggler, Who Has Been My Close Friend For 20 Years, You Have Been Nothing Less Than The Best Professional & The Best At Everything You Have Been Called Upon To Do. A Leader, A Champion, And A Man Of Unquestionable Character. I’ll Never Forget The Letter You Wrote Me In The Hospital. I Know You Will Be Successful In Life Because That’s Who You Are. I Look Forward To Our Next Meeting & 2 Dirty Martinis With Extra Olives!”

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