ric flair

The stars were out on Monday night as Raw celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Ric Flair was in the house and he appeared on screen when he introduced his daughter Charlotte Flair. It sounds like Ric Flair also had a big moment backstage as he stated on his To Be The Man podcast that he decided to make an effort to bury the hatchet with Becky Lynch.

“I apologized to Becky Lynch. I walked up to her and said, ‘May I speak with you for a minute?’ I just said I’m sorry this ever got to where it is’ I went over and shook Seth Rollins’ hands and I said, ‘I’m gonna apologize to your wife.’ I’ve just decided that, it all came with the documentary. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in things that you just forget and you get so wrapped up in things that you just forget, and you say it so many times for so many years. But ‘The Man’ trademark, the whole thing was decided by someone besides she and I. It’s not that as much as the money that was involved in it, which the company reaps the better part of it anyway. Then I saw her with her child, and I thought, ‘God, this will be Ashley someday, and Megan now with Morgan.’ It’s not worth it.”

Flair had been in a dispute over “The Man” trademark, but he indicated that he’s let everything go when he added, “I am not ‘The Man’ anymore. ‘The Man’ is whoever the people think is. Basically, we’ve turned it over to social media to decide who ‘The Man’ is. Does that make sense?”

The 16 World Champion went on to say that Becky Lynch was very receptive and both she and Rollins said nice words to him. Flair also said that now he feels he can walk by Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins without feeling uncomfortable.

“I can walk around and not walk by Becky and feel uncomfortable and I can shake Seth Rollins’ hand, and it makes it a better world for me to be in. I feel better about myself. Becky was very receptive and said nice words to me, and so did Seth. My daughter works there, I want it to be perfect. Nothing’s perfect, but you want it to be as best as can be. How many people get to introduce their daughter? That, you’re not gonna see for a long time, something like that. So I feel thankful that I had that opportunity.”

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