The Bloodline have become one of the most dominant groups in all of wrestling, but the cracks are starting to show. Roman Reigns has been slowly turning on Sami Zayn.

During the 30th anniversary episode Sami Zayn was the focus on Tribal Court, and Paul Heyman suggested that Zayn is guilty as charged. Roman Reigns called for Solo Sikoa to attack Sami Zayn, but Sami was saved by Jey Uso.

The Bloodline storyline has caught the attention of many people in the wrestling world including current WWE announcer Wade Barrett. The former Intercontinental Champion recently took to Twitter to suggest that a movie about The Bloodline would set new industry standards when he posted the following:

“Watching the opening Bloodline segment from last night’s #RawXXX (side note: the west coast tape delay SUCKS!). I could watch a full feature-length movie with those six characters. Setting new industry standards for chops & drama. ☝🏻 #WWERAW”

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