rey mysterio

You never know what can happen in pro wrestling and often times that well-known phrase doesn’t have the best connotations attached to it. It seems that just as Rey Mysterio’s WWE return was beginning to become more of a certainty, he has now suffered an injury.

The Wrestling Observer’s website reports Mysterio was in a tag match with Flip Gordon vs Caleb Konley and Joey Mercury for Northeast Wrestling in Waterbury, Connecticut on Saturday night when something went wrong.

During the match, Mysterio reportedly told Mercury about the injury and just as the former member of J&J Security was about to change the finish, Mysterio set up a 6-1-9 on Konley and followed it up by hitting a top rope splash to pick up the win.

It was believed backstage that due to the amount of swelling in Mysterio’s arm that he suffered a torn left bicep which is awful news for a possible WWE return, especially if a Road To WrestleMania was a possibility. One thing is for sure, if Mysterio was hoping to return by Mania this could certainly hamper those plans.

Let’s hope everything turns out for the best in this situation because Rey Rey’s knees were healing up well enough so he didn’t have to wrestle with a knee brace anymore. Now it looks like another injury could be standing in his way just as a return to the bigger WWE stage seemed to be more of a possibility than ever.

We will keep you updated on this situation as more information is released but in the meantime, it might be best to keep your fingers crossed for Rey Mysterio right now. Becuase WWE has a history of canceling plans for a Superstar if they end up suffering an injury. After all, they would need to place a lot of weight on Mysterio if he came back and WWE might be hesitant to do so if he’s already injured.