It’s always great to see Rey Mysterio especially since the rumors seem to be getting even more serious surrounding his eventual WWE return. WWE might be counting down the days until Mysterio returns and that is a very exciting thought.

Mysterio still has a few indie dates and other appearances to take care of before he can do anything with WWE though. But the good news is that his recent injury isn’t nearly as bad as once thought so he should be able to make all of his indie dates and then presumably jump over to WWE if they need him to.

Mysterio recently got another appearance out of the way and while he was there Mr. 6-1-9 had a chance to snap a rare photo-op with Trish Stratus and Lita.

These three look really happy to see each other which is understandable. One thing is for sure, the Lexington Comic Convention certainly got a big dose of pro wrestling star power this year.

Masuda aka Alundra Blayze has done a lot in her career including throwing the WWF Women’s Title in the garbage live on WCW Nitro. This move would go on to mean way more than the simple act of putting something in a wastebasket.

In all honesty, she didn’t even consider how important it would be at the time. But the ramifications were certainly felt across the board. This action also went to define her career in many ways as one of the most memorable things she ever did.

When Alundra Blayze was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame some people said it was just so she could pull the Women’s Championship out of the garbage. She made a point of doing just that during her induction speech as well.

James Ellsworth is now making towns on the indie wrestling circuit as he carries on Andy Kaufman’s legacy as Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion Of The World. Ellsworth even had his own belt made up which actually resembles Kaufman’s in a way although it was modernized a bit.

Ellsworth recently learned the hard way that you should never leave your title around one WWE Hall Of Famer because she’s obviously up to her old tricks. All I can say is it’s a good thing Ellsworth found his title before someone dumped their nachos in the trash on top of it.