renee young

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are one of the most popular couples in the world of professional wrestling, but for the most part they’ve managed to keep their personal life private.

However, the couple did join the cast of Total Divas for a while but Renee Young told Bleacher Report that the show just wasn’t a good fit for their relationship.

“I think [our relationship] was not something we wanted to pull the curtain back on,” Young says. “That made me uncomfortable as well, because the whole time I’m just saying he’s crazy and how do I deal with this crazy person [for story purposes], which is really not our dynamic. That was really odd to navigate as we were doing it.”

Renee also talked a little bit about the advice that Paul Heyman has given her and how it’s impacted her performance throughout her career.

“He’s had my back from the get-go. He did not need to do that. For whatever reason, he and I have always been close when it comes to talking about being better and wanting to be the best. He just kind of gave me advice on how to be a little more succinct, how to create those little punchlines. You’ve gotta think about what this is going to sound like in a video package. Make sure you’re saying their name instead of he or she. Just little nuggets like that that you might forget. And I do forget. Sometimes, I might be out there and catch myself saying, ‘Oh, he just speared him’ instead of ‘Roman Reigns just speared Braun Strowman.’”

Renee Young joined the Raw commentary team full time back in September, and she will be calling the action alongside Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix at Evolution on Sunday.