The Shield was one of the top groups in WWE for years, but once they split up and went their separate ways it became very clear that WWE had plans to push Roman Reigns as the next face of the company.

Jon Moxley didn’t get quite the same treatment from WWE management, and during an appearance on Busted Open Radio his wife Renee Paquette noted that he was just going through the motions after The Shied split.

“I could see Jon just kind of going through the motions. But I did not know Jon prior to WWE. So I didn’t know necessarily all of those other things that he really wanted to do.”

In 2019, Jon Moxley’s WWE contract expired and he made the jump to AEW. Renee noted that it was nice to see her husband get excited about wrestling again when she added, “To see him get excited about professional wrestling again, it was really cool to see that different version of him. It was a really small little window from when he left WWE to getting back down to business. It was like seeing this fire ignited in his belly again. His brain is just always working.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.