Fans have seen a lot of up and comers make their way through NXT over the years and in 2014 Tino Sabbatelli signed a deal with the company.

Tino Sabbatelli remained with WWE until he was released in April of 2020, but he later returned to the company in October of that same year. However, Tino Sabbatelli’s return to WWE was short-lived as he was once again released from his contract in June of 2021.

The former WWE star recently told Sportskeeda Wrestling that he’s distanced himself from the product since parting ways with the company, but he still believes in the Tino character.

“I’ve kind of distanced myself a little bit since my outing and then I still have an itch because I know the character Tino could be a megastar, and I do believe that. And I’ve had people in the industry, and I won’t name no names, that’s been inside of WWE for 16, 20 years, on the writing side, creative side, all this stuff, personally text me and say that I’ve probably been the biggest dropped ball they’ve seen of being a star. And that means a lot to me, and it kind of motivates me to maybe give it another run. And I think it’s one of those things where, when you have people like that texting you, you’re like okay. And I know in my heart what Tino could have been. It’s just one of them things where it was a lot of bad timing, lot of bad situations, but I still have the itch because I know I could be, I know the character could be very successful in this industry.”

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