impact wrestling

You really never know what can happen in the world of pro wrestling. The world’s indie wrestling scene is full of talent and any of them could pop up wherever they can get a booking at a moment’s notice. This is the reason why indie wrestling is so exciting and why you should never miss a show in your area. It is also one of the reasons why a company like Impact Wrestling has so many amazing options of who they want to bring in as well.

This story isn’t really a spoiler anymore because Impact Wrestling is promoting that it happened, therefore if you’d like to be saved and totally surprised you should stop reading here. You have been warned because this is a pretty huge turn of events.

Impact Wrestling went to Orlando on Wednesday night where the plan was to film television for the next six nights. During the first set of tapings of the night, Austin Aries made his return to Impact Wrestling and he received a great ovation in the process.

Aries was recently in WWE but was released because WWE couldn’t figure out anything to do with him which is just sad considering how great he is. In fact, he’s The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

However, it certainly looks like Impact Wrestling found a place for Austin Aries and he looks happy to be back inside an Impact Wrestling ring, even though it might be missing a couple sides since the last time he was there.

But A Double can’t just simply debut like anyone else because he has to make a statement and nobody knows how to do that like Aries. The longest reigning TNA X Division Champion challenged Eli Drake for the Impact Global Championship and pulled down the gold in the process. It was a really great way to come back to any company, in fact, there probably isn’t a better way to make a return.