reby hardy

The Hardy Boyz took WWE by storm and they might even transform their current run into something special very soon. They’ve awoken and these recent developments are quite fascinating.

Ever since then the WWE Universe has been wishing they could see the Hardys take on a more brilliant and broken form. But in all honesty, if you’ve followed the Hardys’ career then you know what kind of amazing trip it’s been so far.

WWE doesn’t have the rights for the Hardys to become the Broken Hardys, and it appears they might just become the Woken Hardys instead, which is a pretty genius way to get around the legal issues surrounding the gimmick. But if you’re WWE all you might care about is putting The Hardy Boyz logo on things so you can sell it. There’s been no shortage of Hardy merch since the brothers who traveled through time and space came back to WWE, that’s for sure.

Matt’s wife Queen Rebecca recently tweeted out a rather cool piece of Hardy merch she is using as a sippy cup holder for young King Maxel. You might remember Maxel from his appearances in the Broken Hardy vignettes, Final Deletion, Total Nonstop Deletion, etc. Then again you might also know Maxel as future WWE Galactic Champion if you have a time machine that works.

We can only assume if the Woken Hardys are indeed on the horizon there will be plenty more awesome pieces of Hardy merch to come out. But in the meantime if you’re a fan of the brilliance of Matt and Jeff then it might be a good idea to buy up as much Hardy Boyz merch as you can to show WWE there’s a market for not only their nostalgia but also the fact they have active fans who want to see the Hardys as the here and now not just the remembrance from yesteryear.