There are plenty of reasons to love someone. Maybe you’ve shared a common experience or you’re into the same kind of Japanese companion pillows. Other people might just love someone because they feel it is divinely inspired or then again they could always just be in it for the money. But Reby Hardy recently revealed exactly why she’s with Matt Hardy and there’s a pretty good reason for it.

In 2000 the WWE was in a partnership with Chef Boyardee where people like Big Show, Mankind, and The Rock all filmed commercials for the popular canned Italian food company. Another group who filmed a commercial around this time was Team Xtreme.

Reby Hardy recently revealed she is with Matt because of that Winter extreme sports inspired television commercial from seventeen years ago. We’ve heard much worse reasons to be with someone, that’s for sure.

You can check out the commercial below and relive a moment from your past. Or if you’re under the age of seventeen you can just enjoy something that happened before touch screens were a part of everyone’s daily life.

On last night’s episode of Raw Curt Hawkins took a very interesting tactic in his pre-match promo. He asked fans who thought he was going to win and pretty much nobody cheered. On the other hand, Hawkins asked people who thought he was going to lose and everybody cheered.

This is a rather odd thing for a guy who seems to be in the role of a glorified enhancement talent to ask, but that was the verbiage he was given.

Curt Hawkins got on Twitter after Raw and announced it was the fans’ fault that he lost. Apparently he’s under the assumption that if more people would have cheered for him to win then WWE would have changed the finish for him to go over.

Therefore Curt Hawkins’ losing streak might be all our fault. We should be ashamed of ourselves.