tyler breeze

Despite a very successful run in NXT, Tyler Breeze wasn’t given a significant push on the main roster. His character didn’t translate well initially, but rumors of backstage heat had derailed his career until the recent “Fashion Police” gimmick caught on with WWE fans.

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Ryback revealed on an edition of his “Conversations With The Big Guy” podcast, Breeze’s backstage heat came from an incident during the “Tribute to the Troops” show in December 2015. Apparently, Breeze was told to go home early, but Vince McMahon didn’t approve it.

“Rather than just being like, Vince we told him to go home, he wasn’t being used on the show. Somebody threw him under the bus. That poor motherf**cker got thrown under the bus”

There are instances where talents are given permission to leave a show to get to the next town early. Apparently, Breeze passed Vince McMahon in the hallway on his way out, which visibly upset Vince immediately. Ryback claimed that no one took responsibility for telling Breeze he could leave early, which put the blame on him and gave him heat with The Boss.

It’s unfortunate that Tyler Breeze had to take all the heat because no one wanted to admit that they were the one to give him permission to leave. It’s taken almost two years for him to get a push on WWE programming, but it seems that Tyler Breeze’s status is improving.