finn balor

Finn Balor hasn’t been featured on WWE television as “The Demon King” since Summerslam last year. A year ago, Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become the first ever Universal Champion in WWE history. Now, the biggest party of the summer is coming around again.

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The WWE Universe has been patiently waiting for “The Demon King” to return, but it’s used for big match situations and Balor has not been featured in many of them over the past couple of months. This Sunday, Finn will face Bray Wyatt and bring back his dark personality.

It has been reported by CageSideSeats that the real reason why Finn Balor and WWE officials haven’t brought back “The Demon King” persona is because the powers that be want it to be special and his booking will be stronger as a result. He’s guaranteed to win as “The Demon.”

Another factor that comes into play is the more often Balor wears the face paint, the less of an impact the persona will have on the WWE Universe. Finn bringing it back against someone like Bray Wyatt makes sense, but it’s unclear when it could be back again on WWE television.