The big Raw 25th Anniversary show is going to set the bar very high for all future episodes in 2018. After all, they’ve been plugging this celebration of WWE history for quite some time now. If you add in the fact that this is happening as a go home show to the Royal Rumble it only makes the night even more epic.

There are already a ton of people who are scheduled to be at Raw 25 including some we might not even know about yet. However, with names like Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brother Love, DX, The Dudley Boyz, New Age Outlaws, Trish Stratus, and more already announced for the show it’s hard to imagine who else might show up to surprise us unless it’s Hulk Hogan or The Rock.

But Raw 25 is going to be a pretty monumental affair and by all accounts, it might even eclipse the magnitude of the Raw which is usually considered the biggest episode of the year for the WWE Universe.

“I’ve been told that at least in terms of production and individuals being brought in and ideas and pitches Raw 25 will be bigger than the traditional night after WrestleMania Raw” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. “Will you like it better? I don’t know, that’s up to you. But the way they’re putting it together it is a bigger event and higher priority than the post-Mania Raw”

To say that the Raw 25 show is going to be bigger than the Raw After WrestleMania might be a pretty large statement to make. But it only adds to the excitement as fans will certainly flock to their television screens as well as the Manhattan and Barclays Center to watch Raw 25 go down.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Live and WrestlingNews.co for the transcription