randy orton

For many years now Randy Orton has been one of WWE’s top stars, and he’s done it all. He’s won the Royal Rumble, main evented WrestleMania, and fought some of the top names in the business. Orton has been going strong for a long time now, but it looks like he’ll be taking a little time off in 2018.

PWInsider reports that Randy Orton will be working a lighter schedule in January, and then he will be taking time off in February and March.

As of this writing Randy Orton is currently only being advertised SmackDown TV tapings, the Royal Rumble, and WWE live events during the second and fourth week of January.

Orton is being advertised for the SmackDown Live TV tapings on February 6, but he’s not being advertised for any other TV tapings or live events in February or March, or the European tour in May.

He is however being advertised for the post-WrestleMania SmackDown Live taping on April 9.

Randy Orton has been a major player at WrestleMania throughout his career, but with Orton taking time off in February and March, one can’t help but wonder how he will fit into the picture this year.

As always plans could change, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much of Orton on the Road to WrestleMania in 2018.