randy orton

Conor McGregor talked quite a bit of trash about WWE stars in 2016, and it’s been rumored for months that WWE is interested in working with Conor. A fan asked Randy Orton if he thinks he can whoop Conor McGregor if he makes the jump to WWE, and Orton told the fan that McGregor would have to work on 205 Live until he gains 120 pounds.

A fan also asked Randy Orton when he will be retiring, and he made it clear that he has no plans to hang up the boots anytime soon.

Randy Orton was also asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump and if he thinks Trump will screw up the country once he takes office. You can see Orton’s response below.

Orton also took a minute to comment on gamers who like to use obscene language while playing Call of Duty. If you’ve ever played online multiplayer then you likely know that the commentary isn’t for the weak at heart.

A few weeks ago Randy Orton and Luke Harper defended the Tag Team Titles on SmackDown, and The Wyatt Family members lost the belts when they were defeated by American Alpha. The Wyatt Family will have another chance to regain the SmackDown Tag Team Titles tonight, and Randy Orton seems confident heading into tonight’s event.