randy orton

Jinder Mahal is the current WWE Champion, and at Money in the Bank he’s set to defend his title agains the former champion Randy Orton. At WWE Backlash, Jinder shocked the world when he ended Randy’s title reign, and it doesn’t look like Jinder Mahal will be dropping the belt anytime soon.

Although Jinder and Randy may be rivals on SmackDown Live, Randy had nothing but good things to say about Mahal when he talked to 105.7 The Point about the Maharaja’s WWE Title reign (via Wrestling Inc).

“Since then I think he got let go, his contract was terminated, he did some independents, kind of studied his craft a little bit more, then we were looking for more talent to sign back up and his name popped up. I definitely thought it’d be good to have him back. I didn’t think he was going to come in and take my title. That’s another thing altogether. But I haven’t seen anyone as motivated as him in a long time. You can tell he has been hitting the gym, you can tell he has been working on his promos, when it comes to the in-ring stuff he’s fine-tuning his stuff to be more of a main event guy and learn how to tell the story in the way that the main events tell the stories. He’s doing a great job.”

Randy Orton has had his time at the top, and luckily for him, he’s still one of the most valuable stars on the WWE roster. Orton also noted that he gave Jinder Mahal some advice, and he told him to let things happen organically out in the ring.

“When he first came back he was on RAW, and I think that has helped him out. A lot of the younger guys are so anxious to please and to get better and they try almost too hard, they need to take a step back and relax. I started kind of getting it, so to speak, the lightbulb kind of stopped giving as much of a crap, I guess you can say. I don’t mean in the sense of being lazy or not caring, that’s not true at all. But kind of letting it happen out there and letting it be more organic as opposed to coming up with all these ideas where it looks more choreographed or if you’re banking on a reaction from the crowd in a particular point in a promo or a match and you don’t get that reaction, being prepared to go another route with what you’re doing. There’s a lot of little aspects to the game that guys can get better at and that’s just a few.”

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