When people get in your face you...

Your ideal weapon in a fight would be...

You drink of choice is...

You are...

Your favorite era of WWE is...

Pick a WrestleMania

Would you rather be on Raw or SmackDown Live?

Which WWE Finishing Move Are You?
Stone Cold Stunner

You are the Stone Cold Stunner. When times get tough, you stomp a mud hole in anything that gets in your way and crack skulls.
Rock Bottom

You are the Rock Bottom. Pride and strength are your strong suits, and once you put your opponents down, they're not getting back up.

You are the RKO. Deadly and swift, you don't get frustrated in tough situations, you simply wait for the right moment to strike, and your timing is always impeccable.

You are the spear. You may not be the flashiest move, but you hit hard and you pack a serious punch.

You are the Sharpshooter. Instead of simply knocking your opponents out, you prefer to make them writhe in pain until they can't take it anymore.

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