punjabi prison

Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton have been feuding for months now, and for most of their feud Randy has been chasing the WWE Championship. Orton lost the title at WWE Backlash, and he recently failed to win the belt back at Money in the Bank.

Randy Orton made his way down to the ring this week on WWE SmackDown Live, and he cut a promo talking about how he was going to take out Jinder Mahal if he didn’t get another rematch. Shane McMahon then made his way out into the arena and he told Randy that he can have his WWE Title match, but Jinder Mahal would be the one to choose the stipulation for the match.

It’s been rumored for weeks now that the Punjabi Prison match would be returning at Battleground, and that is indeed the stipulation that Jinder chose. Mahal said that he wanted to choose the stipulation because it was a match made in honor of The Great Khali.

The Punjabi Prison match was introduced in 2006, and it’s been 10 years since the last time the structure was used. The match consists of two cages both made out of bamboo. The inner cage has four walls with a door on each side, and once one of the participants in the match requests that the cage be opened, the referee opens it for 60 seconds. If the wrestlers in the match are not able to make it our of the one of the four doors within the time limit they must then climb over the first cage. The only way to escape the second cage is to climb over it and the first person to get both feet on the floor wins.

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