the shield

Reading between the lines can sometimes be a tricky process because you might not like what you find. When Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns finally reunited it felt so good, but their second run as a faction was less than monumental.

They hyped a big return for TLC but The Big Dog came down with a case of the mumps and WWE had to go into full panic mode as they protected the rest of the locker room from a viral infection outbreak.

When Reigns returned they picked up with The Shield once again and had a neat little program with The New Day going into Survivor Series where at least they emerged victorious in this dream match between modern day factions.

But the clock was ticking for Roman Reigns because he had a date with Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania. Therefore, Roman had to concentrate on the Royal Rumble. But as Reigns was preoccupied, Dean Ambrose suffered an awful triceps injury that took him out of action for up to 9 months. Ambrose has yet to reemerge on WWE television and was pulled from his upcoming signings for no explained reason as well which can’t be a good sign for The Lunatic Finge.

With Ambrose out of commission, Seth Rollins involuntarily took on Jason Jordan as his tag team partner for a cup of coffee and even though they picked up the Raw Tag Team Championships, JJ soon went out of action as well with a neck injury. Hopefully, Jordan’s recovery time won’t be as lengthy.

With Ambrose out for such a long time leaving Rollins and Reigns to pursue their own Road To WrestleMania it looks like WWE might be pulling the plug on the idea for an extended period of time.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported a list of upcoming DVDs that WWE plans on putting out for the rest of the year. In a very interesting development, a DVD listed for a July 9th release date is titled “The Shield Rise And Fall.”

The Rise And Fall Of WCW is an outstanding documentary about Turner Land and everything that happened (to an extent) to cause that company to crumble. This sets a pretty serious precedent in regards to how WWE uses the phrase “rise and fall” which could mean this DVD is a sign WWE is done with The Shield idea because they could simply see them as a failed reboot.

They previously released a DVD set about The Shield’s first run and it was awesome. The previous installment ended with Seth Rollins’ betrayal but this second home video release in The Hounds Of Justice’s collection might not have a happy ending at all for the faction.

You can never say never in WWE because The Shield still has a lot of money attached to their name and if DVD sales are outstanding then maybe they could bring back the idea. The fact they’re putting out a DVD about The Shield could mean the idea is coming back too, but the “rise and fall” wording would lead me to believe the idea might be extinct if you read between the lines.


  1. […] According to, WWE is producing a brand new DVD on the group, with the title “The Rise and Fall of the Protect”. This new set seems at their careers because the crew’s authentic break up and the title would counsel that the group’s newest run is over. The trio wasn’t in a position to crew collectively usually of their second run because of Roman Reigns being out of the ring because of sickness after which Dean Ambrose injuring his arm and placing him on the shelf indefinitely. […]