Monday night on Raw, fans noticed that WWE failed to change their ring ropes from red to purple during both of the cruiserweight matches, something that has become common with the cruiserweight division since they were added to the Raw roster last year.

It was recently reported that WWE has stopped using pyro at any of their events now as a cost cutting measure that the company just decided didn’t need to be used anymore, it seems that this could well be another cost cutting measure for the company, no matter how small.

It has also been suggested lately that 205 Live isn’t doing as well as it could be in the ratings and the company is seriously reaching the point where they need to decide to keep it or cancel it. This could be WWE’s way of slowly integrating these stars on the roster as superstars rather than cruiserweights so that they are prepared if the show is actually cancelled.

Both cruiserweight matches on Monday night happened after an advert break or a backstage segment, which means that there would have been plenty of time to change the ropes if the company still wanted to use the purple ones. It seems that the argument that there wasn’t enough time to change them is invalid, and there is actually more to the story than that.