enzo amore

Enzo Amore was quickly released from WWE back in January after he was accused of sexual assault, but the case was closed due to insufficient evidence.

Enzo didn’t tell WWE officials that he was being investigated by the police, and he later claimed that he didn’t know about the investigation.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained the police report from the investigation, and it turns out Enzo’s claim was true.

Police started working on the investigation on October 23, 2017, but they never contacted Enzo.

An excerpt from the police report states: “After the victim public disclosed the active investigation, the suspect [redacted] now had knowledge of the investigation and all contact was directly to his attorneys.”

The closing statements from the police report can be read below.

“In reviewing the totality of this investigation, it does not warrant the submission for any criminal charges at this time. There is insufficient evidence to corroborate the victim’s disclosure of sexual assault. There were no witnesses to the incident and the forensic examination and crime lab results do not provide evidence of a sexual assault at this time.

The suspect did not give a direct statement to police, but did give an indirect statement from his attorney, that all contact with the victim was consensual.

Cell phone and social media data contradict some of the initial statements about the incident and there is no cell phone or social media data that can corroborate the sexual assault disclosure.

Witness statements made to law enforcement contradict the victim’s statement.

Video surveillance does confirm that the parties involved were together at the Clarendon Hotel on the night in question. The footage also confirms the victim leaving that morning. The video surveillance does not capture or corroborate the disclosure of sexual assault.

The facts of the case do not allow the case to proceed at this time. In the event that additional evidence comes to light, that can corroborate the victim’s disclosure of sexual assault, this case can be re-opened and further investigated. Until such evidence is located or provided, this case will be closed.

Case closed.”