paul heyman

Next week the WWE Superstar Shake-up is set to take place on Raw and SmackDown and it looks like some of WWE’s top stars could be switching brands. Brock Lesnar is a vital part of Raw at the moment because he’s the current WWE Universal Champion. One man who is well aware of the fact that Brock has some serious star power is Paul Heyman.

Paul took to Facebook to notify all WWE authority figures that if they want Brock Lesnar on their brand, they will have to negotiate with him in advance. Paul Heyman posted the following:

“While my client Brock Lesnar and I are looking forward to WWE’s #SuperstarShakeup this coming Monday, let’s be perfectly transparent. There is everyone else on the WWE #RAW and #Smackdown rosters, and then there is Brock Lesnar (along with his humble #Advocate) ..It is imperative for Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle and even Vince McMahon to know the intrinsic value my client Brock Lesnar brings not only to the #SuperstarShakeup but simply to WWE as a whole. In layman’s terms (or, actually, in HEYMAN’s terms), even the mere DISCUSSION about BrockLesnar in regards to the #SuperstarShakeup requires a negotiation IN ADVANCE of any discussion, no matter how high up or serious that discussion goes! #SuperstarShakeup. With this in mind, my client Brock Lesnar and I are “open4business” and we look forward to hearing new, innovative ways for WWE to ….promote / market Brock Lesnar as the once-ever athlete and performer that has blessed WWE with his presence.”

Corey Graves got the chance to call the action at WrestleMania 33 this year, and he seemed to be very excited when Matt and Jeff Hardy made their return. A fan asked Graves about the return on Twitter and he noted that he wasn’t aware they were returning ahead of time and the reaction we heard from him at the show was genuine.