Paige may only be 26 years old, but she’s had an incredible career in the professional wrestling business so far.

Unfortunately Paige is currently retired from in-ring competition, but she has plenty of stories to tell about her journey so far.

Paige recently shared the story of her main roster call up with The Sun, and she noted that she got a text from “DJ” the day of WrestleMania 30, and she had no idea that the “DJ” stood for Dwayne Johnson before Dean Malenko explain it to her.

“Someone then came and got me and told me Dwayne wanted to talk to me and told me it’s very important. And I’m thinking ‘Oh no, what did I do?’ I was just an NXT girl at WrestleMania taking everything in and then all of a sudden I’ve got Dwayne Johnson asking if he can talk to me. He pulled me in a room and told me I was debuting the next day and I was just like ‘What!’ And then he told me I was going to win the championship and I was just like ‘Oh my god, oh my god!’”

It turns out that her main roster debut, and big title win weren’t the only things The Rock wanted to tell her about.

He also told her about his plans for the film “Fighting With My Family” and he asked her not to tell anyone about the movie.

“I started crying and asked him why he was telling me this and he replied ‘It’s just cause we’re in this meeting I wanted to tell you but I also wanted to tell you something else. I wanted to see your face because I know you deserve this. He then said ‘I’ve been in England filming Fast & Furious and I stumbled across your family documentary on TV. I saw it and thought that family is just like mine. And then he said he had something else to tell me. He said ‘I loved the documentary so much I want to make it into a movie’. And I was just like “what?’

According to Paige, the meeting left her an “emotional mess” so it’s safe to say it’s a moment from her career that she will never forget.