Paige seems to be in a pretty good place right now, but it’s no big secret that she went through a rough patch a few years ago. The former WWE Divas Champion was once engaged to Alberto Del Rio, who was recently indicted and charged with two felonies of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

During a recent episode of GAW TV Paige talked about her relationship with Alberto, and she noted that at times she was “trapped in rooms” for hours, and that she would get her “ass beat every couple of minutes.”

“I’ve never spoken about it before, whether podcasts or interviews, I always stayed away. But now it’s completely out there. I’m like, ‘why am I shying away from this? Why am I not brave enough to talk about it?'”

She went on to say that at first she would fight back, but eventually the abuse became a daily thing.

“In the beginning, you’re fighting back with this person. But in the end, it becomes a cycle. Eventually, something is happening to you every day. You could be trapped in a room for 6-7 hours, getting your ass beat every couple of minutes. And he’s doing all these crazy things to you.”

Paige also stated that she refuses to say the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s name, but that he deserves what’s happening to him.

“Because he’s Voldemort to me. He needs whatever is happening to him. Karma is a real thing.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.