Total Divas is a pretty popular television show after all something doesn’t stay on the air for seven seasons without having some kind of an audience.

We previously reported that Sonya Deville uploaded a bunch of videos to her Instagram story showing herself and Paige along with other Total Divas stars going out on an alligator sightseeing adventure with a camera crew following them around the whole time.

Now PW Insider reports Paige is back on Total Divas and seems to be a major part of the show once again. This is great news for fans of the Anti-Diva and Total Divas. After all, things have been missing a certain something since Paige left the show.

Although nothing was said about Sonya Deville it certainly appears that she was at least a part of the shooting that day as they cruised the Louisiana swamps looking for gators.

David Arquette is a pretty entertaining guy and it’s not every day when a former WCW Champion like himself comes out of retirement. But it looks like that might just be happening.

Everything was going just fine for the Pancakes And Powerbombs event at WrestleCon and then all of a sudden, David Arquette jumped over the guardrail from the crowd and got in the ring to cut a promo.

Arquette namedropped a bunch of wrestling stars he’s worked with like Double J and Eric Bischoff then he took off after proposing that he might ink a deal for another actual match sometime soon. After all, the Ready To Rumble star has never actually been pinned in the ring during an actual match and he made that point quite clear.

It’s really cool David Arquette is still into pro wrestling and showed up to WrestleCon for this little segment. But I don’t know really how to feel about getting excited about David Arquette getting in the ring for an actual match. After all, a lot of people contribute his WCW World Title win to the beginning of the end for World Championship Wrestling. Either way, it’s still a pretty entertaining clip.

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