NXT is a wonderful place and they put out amazing specials. TakeOver events are sometimes even better than the WWE main roster show that follows on the next night. With SummerSlam being the day after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III it will be tough to top WWE’s mega show. But the stars in NXT were certainly willing to take on the task. In fact, if you ever have the chance to see NXT live in any respect it’s certainly worth every penny.

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Johnny Gargano vs Andrade Cien Almas

Johnny Wrestling was way over with the Brooklyn crowd and Andrade Cien Almas made his way to the ring with Zelina Vega (Austin Aries’ fiance) by his side. Fans were in for a treat to start this third edition of TakeOver: Brooklyn.

This match was a wrestling clinic in a lot of ways. Each guy tried their best to get the upper hand in this encounter. Johnny didn’t let the weight disadvantage get to him much as he continued to prove why people call him Johnny Wrestling.

Andrade hit some pretty powerful moves but it was nothing Johnny hasn’t felt before. Every loud chop across the chest got a loud “WOOO” from the crowd which was a trend that of course kept up all night.

Almas caught Gargano with a nice hanging triangle hold through the ropes after he baited Johnny in with his signature “lounging in the ropes” taunt. Almas continued the abuse to Johnny’s arm with an armbar until Gargano used his cleverness to escape the hold.

Both men took each other out with a double clothesline and the crowd started to rally them on with applause. Once they returned to their feet the two traded shots and the crowd returned loud cheers with each strike.

Gargano was lifted onto the apron and hit a nice slingshot spear for a two count. Then Johnny tried for a suplex but it was reversed. Johnny blocked an Okada roll and then sent Almas outside for a suicide dive. That one got the first “NXT” chants going.

Gargano hit a slingshot DDT for another close two count.

Johnny went for another slingshot spear but he was caught and sent down to the canvas. After an inverted tornado DDT, Johnny kicked out at two.

The two made their way to the top rope and fought each other for the advantage. Johnny took some time and prepped himself for a sunset flip powerbomb but Almas flipped out. Johnny hit an enzuigiri but Almas blocked Johnny and sent him into the corner.

Finally, after some fantastic wrestling, Johnny locked in the Gargano Escape but Almas lifted him up into a bucklebomb. Almas hit the knees in the corner and got another near fall.

Almas was growing frustrated and started trying everything he could. Johnny tossed Almas into the corner and just when it looked like he was going to win, Zelina Vega tossed a shirt to Gargano and provided enough of a distraction.

Almas hit a dropkick and the hammerlock DDT for the win over Johnny Wrestling

Authors Of Pain vs SaNITy (NXT Tag Team Championships)

It’s time for the NXT Tag Team Championship match and it’s safe to say nobody would want to meet any of these guys in a dark alley, especially if there was a set of titles on the line.

Corey Graves joined the commentary table for this match and his reception was outstanding. He sounds great with Mauro Ranallo too (just saying).

SaNITy all came to the ring to show a unified front as they tried to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships. This left some (including myself) to wonder if they win does Nikki Cross get to defend the title too using the Freebird Rule?

AOP walked to the ring looking like bad guys from a Ninja Turtles movie and they jumped right in the ring to start off this brutal match up with a brawl before the opening bell. The referee fought to maintain control and AOP ran SaNITy out of the ring early on.

SaNITy dragged AOP outside the ring and they kept brawling without a bell even ringing. Eric Young pulled a table out from underneath the ring and the match hadn’t even officially started yet. Soon the bell would ring, but the carnage continued as Wolfe took some incredible damage from Akam.

Eric Young jumped up and tapped Killian Dane on the shoulder. After that, he took Dane’s place in the match since he hadn’t been tagged in yet apparently you can do that. They fought in the crowd to give the fans an up-close and personal view of the carnage.

AOP hit a Canadian Backbreaker on Young for a two count followed by a nice double team kick from Akam and Rezar.

Eric tried to get to his partner but Rezar kept him in an arm triangle to cut the ring in half. Young eventually flipped around the turnbuckle and tried to gain an advantage but Rezar just choked him out and held him above his head to drive him into the canvas. Rezar missed with an elbow drop and Young tried desperately to make it to his corner.

Wolfe got the tag and suplexed both members of AOP and really impressed with a top rope move. But Wolfe soon meet a double team move and barely kicked out at two. No matter who you are, when you face AOP, it’s gonna hurt a lot.

They set Wolfe up on the top rope but Wolfe reversed it. Alexander got the tag to Young again and Young hit a neckbreaker. EY got caught on the top rope and Akam accidentally powerbombed Rezar.

Young hit a suicide dive and Wolfe hit a dive of his own. Nikki Cross got in the ring and fought with Ellering for a minute. But she ended up getting to the top rope and dove on Akam. He caught her and Killian Dane smashed both of them through a table with a crossbody.

Once they returned to the ring SaNITy hit their finisher and won the NXT Tag Team Championships!

After the match was over the new NXT Tag Team Champions didn’t have much time to celebrate because Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly jumped them. reDRagon is in NXT and they made a huge impression by leaving the new NXT Tag Team Champions laid out in the middle of the ring.

Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami

Aleister Black got his own live band to do the entrance music, that was neat even if you’re not a fan of Code Orange.

These two started out with kick, and kick, and some more kicks. Jim Ross was on commentary for this one and he remarked how it was about who was going to kick each other’s head off.

Black really showed off some great skills in the ring and his kicks looked very stiff and that’s saying something considering the fact he’s facing a guy like the former Kenta.

Aleister hit a knee to the side of Itami’s head for a two count.

Hideo hit a top rope knee drop onto the back of Black’s head for a near fall and turned the match around in his favor for a few minutes. Itami hit some nice offense to Black in an attempt to slow him down.

Aleister’s nose looked like it was busted open by one of those stiff shots too so the referee put on some gloves. Itami hit some stiff kicks and taunted Black by stealing his signature “Indian style sitting” taunt.

Black’s nose was really starting to flow the blood at this point and the commentary team commented how his nose might have been broken. Then Black started hitting kick after kick and then a knee to the head.

He shot Itami to ropes and geared up to end the match after another two-count. He tried to set up for the Black Mass but Hideo blocked it.

Hideo hit a tornado neck snap and a top rope clothesline for a two count.

Itami caught Black on the top rope and hit a stunning avalanche falcon arrow off the top rope but he couldn’t capitalize for the pin. After trading some moves Itami hit another falcon arrow for a two count and a drop kick to the corner.

Itami took down his knee pad and looked like he was gearing up for the GTS. He got Black up but Aleister fought him off. Hideo drove a knee into Black’s midsection and then taunted the crowd. He waited for Black to get up but Aleister countered and hit the Black Mass for the win.

Auksa vs Ember Moon (NXT Women’s Championship)

Asuka walked into NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III as the longest running current champion in WWE and Ember Moon had one hell of a battle if she thought she was going to topple the Empress Of Tomorrow.

Asuka came to the ring wearing a wicked looking head dress as she defended her title at her eighth NXT TakeOver event. Asuka looked like she felt good with her title around her waist and this match had a big match feel to it.

As soon as the bell rang Ember Moon was on Asuka. She hit a kick and a drop kick sending Asuka outside. Moon soon hit a cannonball off the top rope onto The Empress Of Tomorrow. Asuka had little to no offense until she drove her opponent into the steel steps at ringside.

Asuka followed it up with a suplex on the entrance ramp and once they returned to the ring The Empress Of Tomorrow kept up the pressure on Ember’s shoulder. She hit Moon with an STO and locked her in several submission holds to abuse Ember’s shoulder.

Moon countered out of a shoulder submission with a teardrop suplex but was soon German suplexed into the turnbuckle by Asuka.

Asuka tried to get an Asuka Lock on but Moon tried her own version of Asuka’s finisher. The Empress Of Tomorrow was successful in getting her hold on but Moon broke it up and nailed a lariat.

Ember tried to stifle Asuke with a lariat but Moon soon took a running hip attack from Asuka. Moon blocked the move and the two started trading strikes until Moon hit a knee to the face which just seemed to piss Asuka off.

Asuka started stomping on Ember’s face while she held her in place but Moon withstood all the damage. Ember hit the Eclipse but Asuka kicked out at two. Moon went up for another one but Asuka pulled the ref in front of her.

Moon hit a crossbody on Asuka over the ref and Asuka rolled it up for a pin but the ref caught her grabbing the tights.

After just a little bit of trading moves, Asuka decided it was time to end it as she slapped on the Asuka Lock giving Moon no choice but to tap out.

Asuka is still the NXT Women’s Champion and her amazing streak lives on

Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre (NXT Championship Match)

Drew McIntyre’s entrance was accompanied by a huge bagpipe entrance before his music even started. Once Drew’s music started the bagpipes carried on giving him one incredible freaking entrance. The 31-year-old looked like a true Superstar as he snarled his way to the ring.

Not to be outdone, they turned the entire entrance into a huge piano keyboard again as it played the intro to Bobby’s entrance music. Only there weren’t any dueling piano players this time. But good Lord did everybody know the words to his theme song once it started playing. Roode walked to the ring wearing a glorious red robe.

This contest scheduled for one fall “ONE FALL!” was scheduled for the NXT Championship and there was an incredible feel to this match you could feel through the television. McIntyre put his hand on the NXT Championship as it to say he was saying hello to an old friend. Once the bell sounded these two stood toe-to-toe even though Drew looked like he towered over Roode by at least four inches although it looked like more.

Drew backed Roode into the corner and Bobby looked like he was getting serious about this match. He chopped Drew but just got thrown in the corner again. The two locked up but Drew sent Roode to the mat with a shoulder block and Bobby powdered out of the ring.

Roode came back in the ring but the action soon returned to the outside. Bobby tried to jump on Drew but was caught and nearly driven into the post. Drew hit a tilt-a-whirl slam on the apron and that looked like it hurt.

Bobby hit a neckbreaker on the outside and drove Drew’s head into the barricade at ringside. Bobby hit Drew across the throat with an elbow before the action returned to the ring. Bobby stomped on Drew and chopped him in the corner to thunderous “Woooo’s” from the crowd.

Roode hit a hangman neckbreaker for a two count and tied Drew up in the ropes while he pulled on McIntyre’s face.

Bobby hit a top rope drop kick and then soon slapped on a sleeper to try and keep Drew grounded. Bobby ended up eating a throw from Drew and McIntyre hit a top rope clothesline followed by a kip up. But Roode wouldn’t let Drew continue his assault.

Bobby hit a knee lift and jumped into a cross body but Drew caught him and transitioned it into a fireman’s carry for a powerful Celtic Cross.

Bobby got on the top rope and Drew ended up hanging upside down. Bobby took too long taunting and Drew launched him across the ring with his legs. Drew was calling for his finisher but Roode didn’t get up.

The ref checked on Bobby and he pulled a limp Roode up just to get tricked for a pin. 2 count.

Bobby hit a backstabber for a two count. And Drew followed it up with a Future Shock DDT for a two count of his own.

These two were taking each other to the limit and it resulted in just trading shots back and forth on their knees. They fought to their feet and continued with the slugfest.

Bobby hit an enziguri but Drew followed it with a Claymore for a two count because Bobby was able to get his foot over the bottom rope.

Bobby rolled outside and Drew hit a scary flipping dive and didn’t get caught very well. Drew took the brunt of that dive with his back on the mat outside. But once they returned to the ring Drew prepped himself for something big but ate a spinebuster from Roode at the last moment.

Bobby went for a Glorious DDT but Drew reversed for a roll up tow count. Bobby spun around and hit a Glorious DDT for a two count. Bobby hit another Glorious DDT and held on to hit a third.

Suddenly Drew McIntyre reversed out of the third Glorious DDT attempt and hit the Claymore Kick. 1-2-3 and Drew McIntyre is the new NXT Champion!

McIntyre didn’t have much chance to celebrate though because after the match as he was celebrating he turned around and Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly were standing on the apron. Suddenly Adam Cole BAY-BAY jumped in the ring and laid out the new champion.

The show ended with the three former ROH stars standing over Drew McIntyre. So NXT TakeOver: Brookyn III saw two new champions and these ROH stars jumped both winners. Neat!