The match started out with a quick scuffle between the two, but they eventually separated and Strong invited Almas to join him in the middle of the ring for a lock up. Strong threw Cien into the ropes and he did that deal where he hangs in-between the ropes, and acts all cool, not going to lie, I’ve never been a fan of that move.

The two continued to trade punches for a moment and Roderick ended up on the ground as Almas started some mud hole stomping. Almas continued his assault until a back splash was attempted, but Strong grabbed him. Cien eventually turned the match around in his favor and they ended up on the ground as Almas locked Strong in an armbar.

Andrade attempted a middle rope flipping splash but Strong moved, Roderick mounted a comeback, finishing his sequence by clotheslining Almas and putting him down with a series of moves. Strong then executed a unique version of the backbreaker, they call him The Messiah of the Backbreaker for nothing.

The two men continued to trade maneuvers and eventually ended up trading chest chops while the crowd broke out in loud “woos” with each shot. Almas went for his double knees while Strong was against the turnbuckle, but Roderick countered his attack with a knee to the face.

Strong and Almas gave each other a few more forearms shots when Roderick attempted another backbreaker, but Almas countered. Almas grounded Strong with a submission move, but Strong was able to reach the ropes with his feet. Almas mounted Strong and began to pummel his opponent with stiff forearms to the face.

Almas went to the top rope, but Strong stopped him and climbed up to join him. Strong then executed a backbreaker looking maneuver on Almas using the steel bolt on the turnbuckle as a weapon.

Strong got Almas over his shoulder while he looked for the hammerlock DDT, but Almas countered. Almas went for another double knee move but Strong moved again. Almas followed it up by clotheslining Strong inside out. Cien finally executed his double knees, but Roderick Strong ended up catching Andrade with a Sick Kick and got the three-count for the win.