NXT is a great place with some of the best wrestling in North America but there’s only one top title in WWE’s developmental territory. The point is some amazing wrestlers spend their entire time in NXT impressing crowds and gaining fans without ever winning a title. They’re not winning a title because there’s only one top title and that’s the NXT Title.

Champions usually hold their titles for a long time and some guys like Tye Dillinger and Tyler Breeze have gone up to the main roster without winning the big one. Therefore when they make it to the main roster they are often times thought of as mid-level NXT guys.

Bryan Alvarez recently said on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live while he didn’t know this was happening for a fact, there has been talk of adding a secondary title to NXT. That might solve some of their problems because the philosophy with champions is much more old school than WWE’s main roster where title switches seem to be a part of everyday life at this point.

“[WWE is] changing titles like crazy is my point. The NXT Title usually stays on a guy for a long time,” Alvarez said. “They got a lot of guys who are going through there and a lot of guys are getting called up — not everybody’s gonna win the title. Most guys  — the majority of them can’t get the title which is the way that it should be.”

“But you could have a secondary title that is not quite as coveted but it is something in NXT that could always be the semi-main event. It could be looked at like the Intercontinental Title — a stepping stone to the main title. I mean it’s very easy to do that the way NXT is currently structured. So I don’t know if they’re gonna do it — I know they’ve talked about it and I hope they do it.”

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