The NWO shirt has been one of the most popular shirts in wrestling for decades now, and it recently became a hot topic on social media after former Grapsody host Will Washington posted a photo of his shirt showing a WWE logo right underneath the NWO logo.

Fightful Select reports that several members of the NWO are frustrated with WWE. It’s being said that numerous New World Order members felt that WWE including the WWE logo right underneath the NWO logo undermined the spirit of the shirt. WWE’s merchandise is handled by Fanatics and it’s being said that Fanatics was made aware of the situation.

Another WWE star contacted Will Washington after he posted a photo of the shirt and noted that a similar situation happened years ago with WWE Shop. There was a point of frustration with WWE adding the “authentic wear” tag at the bottom and the company insisting that text be added to the back of many shirts. The talent noted that they remembered numerous wrestlers expressing discontent and the belief was that it had a negative impact on sales.

It’s also being reported that removing the WWE logo from the shirt is something that’s been considered, but there’s no word on whether or not it’s actually going to be removed.