There are a lot of moving parts in the world of professional wrestling and you never know when a wrestler might decide to leave the company that they work for. Last year Sasha Banks parted ways with WWE and she made her NJPW debut as Mercedes Mone back in January. Since then she’s been on a new path which has included an IWGP Women’s Championship run.

While speaking on Comedy Store Wrestling, Rocky Romero talked about Mercedes working with NJPW and he also indicated that the door is open for any WWE stars who want to make the jump to NJPW.

“New Japan is in a weird spot because the pandemic hurt them. They’re a live event business more than anything. The pandemic happened, touring went out the window. It was important for the company to take care of their own, so nobody got fired or released. Everyone was taken care of and survived. Now, they’re just starting to get back on their feet.

Mercedes was a big investment, obviously, going forward and testing the waters of where they were in the States and worldwide when you take a big talent on like that. Now, we’re starting to feel comfortable again. Long story is, basically, if because Vince is back and there are people who are unhappy in WWE, there very well could be a possibility of somebody coming over, being fed up with it and just walking away. New Japan’s door will be open if that happens, for sure.”

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H/T Fightful